Floor material

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floor material
  • Durability・slip resistance
  • Silicon carbide, optimum and the strongest material in order to enhance physical durability is infused in the manufacturing process by an exclusive method. And so the durability is sustained and pattern of the floor material design will not fade after 10 years of usage. Silicon carbide also has slip resistance and bigger particle of the material further enhances the strength.
  • Reinforcement・light-weight
  • Glass fiber which is used as the middle material strengthens the floor material as well to lighten the weight.
  • Easy to apply
  • Its textile lining has good adhesiveness to glue and easy to apply on the floor. It makes fine, detailed work easy and convenient.
  • Washability・convenience
  • The material can be washed with high-pressure and it can have chemical treatment. It is easy to wash, and dust and stains come off quickly.
  • Flame resistance
  • Acquired the world most strict global standard, ISO-3795/76 and U.S. standard FMVSS No.302. Also, passed JATA (Japan Automobile Transport Technology Association) standard (JATA01018) in 2004 with registration in JABIA.
Entry/Exit floor material

Yellow and red colored material is used for entry/exit part for enhancing warning. It of course has high slip resistance.

Safety yellow which has high durability and slip resistance to avoid accident is used for edge material of barrier free step entry. Both have won high reputation and popularity by bus companies.

We take order of the fixed pictogram upon your request.

Slip resistance numerical value table (registered in JABIA)
  • Test method:
  • JIS A1454 high polymer floor covering material test method 6.12 slip test
  • Test conditions:
  • solid rubber sheet, dry condition, and powdery condition with water
  • Measurement result:
  • over 0.52 for C.S.R (Coefficient of slip resistance) value
Product name

Slip resistance numerical value

(Coefficient of slip resistance C.S.R)

Dry condition Sprinkled with dust
NT VEGA 1.267 0.57
NT LUNA 0.789 0.526
NT HELIOS 0.763 0.521
NT SIRIUS 0.751 0.551
NT GALAXY 0.781 0.538
NT SAFEBUS 0.761 0.539
HARMONIA 0.81 0.53


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